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Temperature Control Systems

TC30 Thermostat

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The TC-30 is a thermostatically controlled Screed Heating Controller, with a manual override and features an automatic "Reset" to auto mode after operating 25 minutes in the Manual mode. This feature helps prevent sole plate and tamper/vibrator bearing damage due to excessive heat built up.

The system has a built in automatic "Restart" feature, should the burner flame be extinguished or will not light during the initial system start-up. Ignition will restart on a continuous three minute cycle, until the burner in question re-lights or the "OFF" button is operated.

The power switch has three positions. In the left position it is the "Auto" mode that is selected, which is controlled by the Temp-set knob, with an operating range from 100-130 °C. When the switch is in Auto position the yellow Led will light up and show that the power is ON.

If the temperature is more than 5 °C over Temp.set, the green light will flash. When the tempeasture is within 5 °C of the set-point the green led will be constantly lit. If the temperature is more than 5 °C below the Tem-set, the green Led will be off.

In the middle position, power is turned off and no outputs or led are active. In the right position "Manual" is selected, and the outputs (blower-option) will be constantly active regardless of the setting on the Temp-set knob. After 25 minutes in "Manual", the manual override function will take over and automatically Reset to "Auto" mode. "Manual" is indicated by the green and yellow Leds flashing simultaneously.

Sensor Error is indicated if the Temp sensor is disconnected, defective or out of range (-99 - +250 °C), and will be shown by both the green and yellow Leds flashing simultaneously at a high frequency. In case of a sensor error the ignition system will be disconnected.

Flame Error will appear ig one of the burners is extinguished or does not light and is shown by the yellow Led flashing, three minutes after an FE the system will automatically try to "Restart".

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Product Details

Operating Temperature: -10 - +80°
Storage Temperature: -20 - +110 °C
Operating Voltage: -11-30 V
Power Consumption: Max. 270 mA @ 30 V
Battery low Cut-off:Battery: <10,5 V
Enclosure: IP 65


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