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The “powerhouses" from Lissmac, the FS 22 series, are not only exceptionally powerful and equipped with compelling technology, they are also extremely manoeuvrable and can reach into the tightest corners of the side.

  • The particularly compact construction is down to its horizontally mounted motor – continuously supplied with oil
  • Simple and rapid changeover from left to right hand cutting – with the LISSMAC swing arm principle
  • The stepless electric travel system and the lowering and raising of the saw blade are independent of the motor and are powered by two maintenance-free gel batteries charged via the generator.
  • Parking brake and water saving flange spraying are standard equipment
  • Saw hood front can be raised for intersections. Cut flush to a wall can be made with the appropriate accessories.
  • The frequency inverter enables stepless adjustment of speed settings from 700 to 2.700 rpm (FS 22 E/FU)
  • The soft start electric motor limits the switching current, so that tripping the mains protection is not possible (FS 22 E/FU)
  • The motor hood is easily accessible and simple and quick to open for maintenance, battery and tank filling; optimal access to electrical system and air filter
  • The proper weight distribution and the horizontally positioned motor provide the floor cutter with optimal cutting characteristics
  • Smooth variable adjustment to optimal cutting speed
  • Clearly structured, easy and ergonomic instrument layout
  • Easy cutting line correction

Technical data FS 22 E/FU:


Cut depth 320 mm

Cut depth adjustment electric/stepless

Saw blade diameter max. 800 mm

Spindle diameter 25.4 mm

Travel/drive electric 24V

Cutting gear variable stepless 0-5-8 m/min

Fast gear 33 m/min

Drive motor electric

Max output 22 kW / 30.0 hp

Saw blade speed 700-2700 rpm

Dimensions l/w/h 1170/770/1120 mm

Weight 445 kg

Left/right hand cut yes

Article No. 813015

  Subject to technical change without notice


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