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Компактные нарезчики швов

Husqvarna FS 500-series

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New series of floor saws, with engine options from 13 to 24 hp. The floor saws are developed with a clear focus on ergonomics and user friendliness, featuring many innovative solutions that make your job easier. Their unique transmission makes them ideal for more demanding jobs, despite their compact size.

Other features

  • Equipped with Poly V-belts for optimum power transmission.
  • Husqvarna’s floor saws are robust, well designed and easy to use thanks to features as protective cage, lift bail and cutting depth indicator.
  • Patent-pending raise/lower assist system, using springs.
  • Petrol Honda 24 hp engines with electric start.
  • Diesel Hatz 15 hp motor with electric start.
  • Self-contained differential drive system eliminating drive gear from rear wheels and related wear. It is simple to handle and maintain.
  • Left and right cutting capability.
  • Integrated tool box.
  • Water tank about 30 l standard and placed above the motor.
  • Integrated fuel tank (8.3 l) for extended use.
  • Very complete console with engine start/stop switch and throttle, transmission control lever, tachometer/timer.
  • Quick belt tensioning system.

Technical Data

FS 513FS 515 DFS 524


Motor manufacturer Honda Hatz Honda
Motor spec GX390 1 D 81 Z GX670
Max output 9,6 kW / 13 hp 11 kW / 15 hp 17,7 kW / 24 hp
Cylinder displacement 389 cm³ 667 cm³ 670 cm³
Cylinder bore 88 mm 100 mm 77 mm
Fuel tank volume 6,4 lit 10 lit 6,5 lit
Air filter type Cyclone dry dual Cyclone dry dual Dry element
Engine cooling Air Air Air

Cutting equipment

Output RPM 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
Diamond blade, max 500 mm 600 mm 600 mm
Max cutting depth 185 mm 190 mm 240 mm
Spindle diameter 25,4 mm 25,4 mm 25,4 mm


Axle front 22 mm 22 mm 22 mm
Rear axle diameter 22 mm 22 mm 22 mm
Transmission speed 0-26 m/min 0-26 m/min 0-26 m/min


Weight incl. packaging 155 kg 209 kg 183 kg

Sound and noise

Sound power level, LWA 96 dB(A) 96 dB(A) 94 dB(A)
Sound pressure 106 dB(A) 106 dB(A) 104 dB(A)


Hand arm vibration (Aeq) 3 m/s² 4 m/s² 3,5 m/s²

Articlies for FS 513

Article #

965150202 FS 500

Articlies for FS 515 В

Article #

965150203 FS 500

Articlies for FS 524

Article #

965150205 FS 500


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