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Камнерезная пила

Husqvarna TS 400 F

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Universal table saw with a unique super-stable height adjustment device, lockable in any position. Max. cutting depth in top position is 230 mm, by turning the material over.

Other features

  • Electric submerged water pump.
  • Choice of electric motors.
  • Longitudinal 60x60 tiles and slabs and diagonal cutting of 40x40 tiles and slabs.
  • Patented semi-automatic, foldable legs for easy transport and handling.
  • Patented quick connection for blade (no tools required).
  • Laser pointer for easier positioning and exact cuts.
  • Blade head is adaptable for 300, 350 and 400 mm blades.
  • Four wheels for easier loading/unloading from vans or trucks. The saw can be handled by one person.
  • Removable slurry collection tray that greatly improves water pump life.
  • Supplied with 400 mm GS 50 + blade, laser pointer, slurry collection tray, new selfcleaning waterpump with quick connection, blade flange with quick connection, 4 wheels, guide for angle cutting and side extension table.

Technical data

Motor rpm 2800 rpm
Voltage 115 / 230 / 400 V
Current phase cycle 50 hz
Belt Direct drive
Wet/dry cutting Wet

Cutting equipment
Blade shaft RPM 2800 rpm
Spindle diameter 25,4 mm
Blade diameter 400 mm
Max cutting depth 230 mm
Max cutting length 700 mm
Water tank volume 40 lit

Misc specs
Electric protection class IP 55

Weight incl. packaging 125 kg

Sound and noise
Sound power level, LWA 104 dB(A)
Sound pressure 97 dB(A)

Hand arm vibration (Aeq) 2 m/s²

Article #

965148101 TS 400F 2,2 kW 230 V 1
965148102 TS 400F 2,7 kW 400 V 3
965148107 TS 400F 1,5 kW 115 V 1


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