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Masonry saws

ATS 120 G

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The ATS series features technology developed with practical applications in mind; ATS machines thus offer cost savings and rapid work processes.

  • Easy handling due to lightweight design
  • Good view of saw table due to narrow saw blade hood
  • Protected On/Off switch within easy reach

Built for various cutting lenghts and depths and because of the exceptionally light, robust and virtually rust-free, high quality workmanship they are specially suited to the most varying demands of daily building site operation.

  • Standard equipment wheel set simplifies relocating on the building site and manholding onto a vehicle
  • High-quality, low maintenance construction
  • Stable and resilent aluminium frame with exact table design for precision stone cutting
  • The new developed guide system consisting of rust-free rollers and stainless steel rails guarantee precise saw table travel, long life-cycle and prevents dirt build-up
  • The special Lissmac water feed system guarantees perfect saw blade cooling, instant removal of saw slurry and considerably less water consumption
  • Mitre and chop cuts can be made without problems
  • When mitre cutting, the workpriece needs only to be set up one time, and there is no need for additional holding during the cutting operation
  • Saw blade is replaced easily due to the screw-on saw blade protection cap
  • Individual machine components are easily unscrewed and replaced
  • Easy to remove water pump with plug-in connectors
  • Including LISSMAC silent diamond blade in premium quality (350 mm) for concrete

The saw can be quickly dismantled into four sections by one person for easy maintenance and transport.

Technical data ATS 120 G/600-2:
Weight 83 kg
Motor capacity 230 V / 2.2 kW
Speed 2,800 rpm
Saw blade series/max. 350 mm
Cutting depth series/max. 110 mm
Length of cut 600 mm
Saw blade arbor 25.4 mm
Dimensions L/W/H 1,140/680/1,230 mm
Angle cutting 45°
Article No. 810021
  Subject to technical change without notice


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