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Heavy floor cutters


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The FS UNI-CUT has been specially developed for and together with professional users. With the FS UNI-CUT, pushed and dragged cuts can be made for the first time using only one machine.

The FS UNI-CUT: Impressive performance and equipment!

  • Fully hydaulic and completely electronic controls
  • High-performance 133 hp Deutz turbo diesel engine with intercooler (low pollution)
  • Large fuel tanks reduce work interruptions
  • Quick changeover from left to right-hand cutting, rotating by 180°
  • Combined radiator/cooler for hydraulics and motor
  • Saw blade speed can be smoothly adjusted electronically
  • Smooth variable hydraulik saw blade and traction drive
  • Bevelled cuts of up to 15° inwards are possible
  • The driven wheels don´t leave marks
  • Saw blade protective hood can be smoothly height adjusted using the hydraulics, independent of the saw motor
  • Quick repositioning
  • Seat and operator console can be converted quickly and easily
  • Low water consumption using a new type of saw blade cooling system
  • Insulated hood for optimal soundproofing
  • Standard electronic feed control
  • Available options: spotlight, diesel particle filter, spezial saw hoods, tandem cutting equipment and waste water suction

Technical data FS UNI-CUT:

Cut depth 380/480/630 mm
Saw blade diameter max. 1000/1200/1500* mm
Spindle diameter 35.0 mm/6-hole screwed fitting
Saw blade drive hydraulic motor, stepless regulation
Saw blade speed, stepless electric regulation 700-2500 rpm
Saw blade raising/lowering hydraulic motor, stepless regulation
Hydraulic tank 50 l
Drive motor 4-cylinder Deutz Turbo diesel
Cooling water cooled
Max. output 98 kW / 133 hp
Tank contents 90 l
Traction drive hydraulic hub drive, stepless regulation
Cutting gear 0-22 m/min
Fast gear 0-60 m/min
Dimensions l/w/h 2.700/1.100/1.800 mm
Weight 2180 kg
Saw head swing for bevel cuts 15 degrees inside
Steering hydraulic
Left hand/right hand cut 180º swivel standard equipment
Soundproofing standard equipment
Slurry extraction optional equipment
Diesel particle filter optional equipment
Tandem cutting device optional equipment
Article No. 818106
  * with special saw hood
  Subjet to technical change without notice


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