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Heavy floor cutters


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The FS 27 E´s optimum weight distribution, with ist 400 V, 7.5 kW motor, provides excellent “straight ahead” cutting performance.

  • The FS 27 E is quickly and simply dismantled into three parts. This allows it to be easily moved around in buildings.
  • Stepless threaded spindle with depth gauge.
  • Optimum saw blade spindle rotation speed.
  • Saw hood front can be raised for intersections.
  • Cuts flush to a wall can be made with the appropriate accessories.
  • Excellent “straight ahead” travel imparted by the sawing arm position.
  • Optimum weight distribution in the saw cut.
  • The saw hood is always positioned horizontally, offering the best possible protection against injury and minimising water spray.
  • Every corner of the building site can be reached.
  • The motor can be swivelled, which allows for easy and quick right and left-hand cuts.
  • The rear running wheel is located outside of the saw cutting area which means that cut joints can be cleaned up or re-cut easily
  • The optimal weight distribution onto the front wheels yields a high track and sawing precision

Exchanging the saw blade flange also enables cutting against walls LISSMAC floor cutters are equipped with powerful and robust engines LISSMAC electric floor cutters work quietly and are thus especially suitable for cutting work on and in buildings (low noise pollution). The FS 27 E is quickly dismantled into three sections for easy maintenance and transport.

Technical data FS 27E:
Cut depth 320 mm
Cut depth adjustment threaded spindle with depth gauge
Saw blade diameter max. 800 mm
Spindle diameter 25.4 mm
Drive motor electric motor
Max. output 7.5 kW / 400 V
Saw blade speed 1250 rpm
Dimensions l/w/h 1.200/650/1090 mm
Weight 156 kg
Left/right hand cut yes
Article No. 815017
  Subject to technical change without notice


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