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Light floor cutters

FS 8 E 2.2 kW

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The FS 8 E 2.2 KW is the lightweight of the LISSMAC floor cutter range. The floor cutter is especially suited to cutting work on tiled floors and for smaller repair work in addition to the cutting of expansion and induction joints.

  • The LISSMAC electric floor cutter FS 8 E can be quickly and easily dismantled into three parts for maintenance and transport, and can be effortlessly loaded into a car.
  • A large 30 l capacity water tank makes it independent from water connections thereby reducing work interruptions.
  • The saw blade is steplessly raised and lowered by means of a tail wheel, thus avoiding damage to the saw blade.
  • LISSMAC electric floor cutters are quiet, so they are especially suitable for cutting work near to and inside buildings (low noise pollution).
  • Quick change over from left to right-hand cutting.

Technical data FS 8 E 2.2 KW:

Cut depth 80 mm
Cut depth adjustment tail wheel; stepless with depth gauge
Saw blade diameter max. 300 mm
Saw blade arbour 25.4 mm
Drive motor electric motor
Max output 2.2 kW / 230 V
Dimensions, length/width/height 800/350/850 mm
Weight 41 kg
Left/right hand cut yes
Article No. 814003
  Subject to technical change without notice


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