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Road Saws

Husqvarna FS 8400 D

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FS 8400 D is the most powerful saw in the range. It is designed to produce more horsepower at the blade spindle for higher production in all cutting applications.
Other features

The Quick Stick™ one-hand control is used for drive, control and raising and lowering the blade.
Our larger road saws are equipped with powerful turbo diesel engines, and are designed to provide more power at the blade spindle, which increases efficiency in all kinds of sawing job. The engines also have low vibration levels, for more comfortable operation.
All our saws have a compact and well-balanced design with a low profile that makes them easy to handle and transport.
Blade clutch allows engine operation and saw movements without blade rotation and assists in freeing blades stuck in cut.
84 hp John Deere 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine.
The patented power transmission system with its right-angle gearbox and 20 V-belts transmits more power to the blade spindle, more than any other saw in its class.
Hydraulic parking brake.

Technical Data

Motor manufacturer John Deere
Motor spec 5030 TF270
Max output 62 kW
Cylinder displacement 3000 cm³
Cylinder bore 86 mm
Fuel tank volume 37 lit
Air filter type Multi stage
Engine cooling Liquid /Air

Cutting equipment
Output RPM 2800 rpm
Blade diameter range, min-max 450-1500 mm
Diamond blade, max 1500 mm
Max cutting depth 620 mm
Spindle diameter 25,4 mm
Blade shaft diameter 51 mm

Axle front 25,4 mm
Rear axle type 4-bolt hub mount
Transmission speed 0-100 m/min

Weight 955 kg
Weight incl. packaging 1200 kg

Sound and noise
Sound power level, LWA 119 dB(A)
Sound pressure 94,8 dB(A)

Hand arm vibration (Aeq) < 3,6 m/s²

Article #


Blade guard capacity
965152412 FS 8400 D, 1200 mm 1200 mm
965152413 FS 8400 D, 1500 mm 1500 mm
965152414 FS 8400 D, 450 mm 450 mm


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